Learn how to make the perfect balayage look every time, and easily handle 30% more clients

Learn from the leading Color Artist, Liva - how to make the perfect balayage look way faster and safer every time.

  • This technique will save you 1 hour for every 3 hours, and allow you to have more clients every day.
  • Make every client happy so they keep coming back again, and again.

What you get with Paint Like a Saint - The Perfect Cheating Balayage:

Online Class

  • The class is 60 min in total, so everything is designed and put together in the most efficient way, so you don't have to spend hours to get all the important information! You can watch the content, learn the technique, and implement it to gain the benefits straight away!
  • You will get acces to a step-by-step demonstration of my special signature color technique, that reduce up to 30% of the clients time in the chair.
  • This technique is a combination of foils and freehand coloring that will give you that multi-dimensional hair color a lot of our client ask for.
  • It is safer and more efficient, and it will provide you with the means to lessen the time you spend on this color technique, this means that you can squeeze in more clients during the day and in the end more money for you!
  • On top of that, it will make sure that you don't have to worry about spots or bleeds!

Value: 400 EUR

BONUS Material

You will get exclusive course material with the unique techniques, scales and visuals:

  • Lightening processes: understanding what is happening to the pigments during the lightning process so you can control it.
  • Lightening formulator: how to mix the right ratio for the right lift for every bleaching process.
  • Lightening scale: complete scale of the shades
  • Using the brush: the different uses of the brush and how to use it.
  • Sectioning the zones: what you need to know about sectioning and foil placement.
  • Placements, foils and freehand techniques: how you execute the technique and create perfect results.

EXTRA: 30 page go-to-guide with extended lightening scale, special tips to prevent brassy hair, the ultimate guide to the perfect blonds, and more special tools for color correction!

EXTRA: 18 page easy to understand theory explanation, containing all you need to know about hair biology and color theory to manage and improve you color work!

Value: 350 EUR

Club Livilea

You will get 30 days membership of Club Livilea with this course.

As a member of Club Livilea you get:

  • Special discounts on all our classes and online courses. 
  • Get first access to the special pop-up classes, that features the latest trends and are changing from season to season.
  • You will get special offers on extra online products and free tips and tricks for you daily work as a hairdresser.
  • You get full access to the Club Livilea app, where you get special color theory tools, like a lightening scale, pre-pigmentation scale and neutralizing scale, and the special uniqe color calculator, that helps you choose the right formula for your color-work.
  • After free period, it's 2.99EUR/month - you can cancel the membership anytime.

Value: 2.99 EUR/month

You will learn from the leading color artist, Liva. The unique combination of foils and freehand techniques cannot be found anywhere else, as it is exclusively developed and tought by Liva only.


In just 3-4 hours, you will have made back the price of the class in new profit

Value: 752.99 EUR

Your price: 395 EUR

Did you know that you can save an additional 20% on all Livilea courses and material, if you are a member of CLUB Livilea, which is a club exclusively for hairdressers around the world?

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Liva Pedersen

Meet your Color Artist

  • My name is Liva, and I have been a hairdresser since the year 2000.
  • I have my own salon and academy in Copenhagen, the capital city of the small country, Denmark.
  • I have been an educator since 2010, and I’m working with Redken as an artist and educator
  • My courses are based on a principle that means you can go straight home and use it actively in the salon. Everything is there for you as a hairdresser to take home some new tools that will help you optimize your time, theory and technique - and revenue in the salon...
  • I have a particular soft spot for teaching because I have had learning difficulties myself and know all too well that it can be difficult to absorb new knowledge and make it stick! Therefore I have perfected my methods to make it as easy to learn and implement as possible.

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What will you learn in the popular online class?

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Learn how every person in the salon can handle 30% more clients 

Learn the exact techniques on the application of the bleach to avoid bleeds, spots and other unevenness in the result. With the cheating balayage technique, you will save time on every client, and this technique is flexible, meaning you can adjust according to how dark or light the client wants it. Be able to create the finest fade from lightening product to the customer's hair. Create perfect results 30% faster.

 Paint Like a Saint Online

The road to succes

To get succes with this course, you follow the three steps listed below. Take your time and learn the techniques. When you learn how to use them, you will be able to handle a lot more clients, and make the best results every time.

01 - Watch all the videos

Start by watching all the videos, preferably twice to make it stick. Learn the theory and techniques, and then start practicing to become a color master.

02 - Use the material

You will get the cheating balayage material along with the course. Print it out and keep it close, so you can go back to it and use it when you work, until you become the expert.

03 - Become Livilea certified

After going through the course and starting to implement the techniques in your salon, you will become better and better, and with the new knowledge, you will get a diploma and become Livilea Certified.



You will get answers to most of your questions here. If you have more questions, you are welcome to contact us: [email protected]

Livilea Certificate

Become Livilea Certified

When finishing the course, you will get a Livilea Certificate that shows that you are now a color master.